Tutorial : PayPal manual payment (English Version)

PayPal Manual Payment (English Version) :

Please wait for payment  receiver’s details and instructions before you proceed to payment.

We will mail you details ASAP.

Step:1: Login at https://paypal.com/login

Step:2: Click on “Send & Request”  (For PayPal classic UI click on “Send Payment”)

Step:3: Choose Payment mode “Pay for goods or service” OR  “Send money to friends or family”

                                                                                                                         (Personal Payment)

Step:4: Then on next page fill reciever’s email, amount, uncheck “I will pay the fee” (recipient pays fee)  choose currency and click “Next” button

Step:5: Review your payment, add Note/Subject (Your Name only that you used for order)

             ( DO NOT include Name of IDcopy/ IDcopy.net and/or any Filehosting Site.)

            ** Its against PayPal’s AUP to accept or make payment for filesharing sites so dont include anything about filesharing or uTop that may result in permanent limitation of both paypal account.

            Click “Send” button